Found a Fabulous Writing Resource Website

I found a fabulous writing resource blog for writers who want energize their creativity. It’s chockfull of writing ideas, prompts, tips and lot’s of goodies to help you or your children write. I honed in on the Conflict-Generator. Lot’s of ideas to stir up your mind.   Go to:


Wanted: Great Stories about Late Bloomer Women Who Succeeded Against the Odds

I’m looking for some great reads about late bloomer women who succeeded against the odds.

If you have any suggestions on some good articles, essays, novels and stories to read, both fiction and nonfiction, please drop me a line. I’m particularly interested in reading accounts of women who are late bloomers in life. You know,  those who should have gone to the top universities, to become a high-profile attorney, CEO or a VP or something, drive a fancy car, and live in a beautiful home but didn’t. Instead, they took a completely different route. Now say these women didn’t live their life’s dreams and  passions until they were 40 or 50, possibly 60 years old!

Yes I want to read about the mature heroines! Please share.


Literary Chick Blogger

How is everyone? I’ve been busy for the last several months with my day job, working on speeches and writing.

I just started a literary blog–exploring the Chick Lit genre and will be publishing stories that will break negative stereotyping of Chick Lit–real women handling real life matters.

This blog will be tailored to women writers and readers, but men are welcomed.

Drop me a line.


Literary Chick Blogger Makes an Appearance

Hello! I haven’t posted anything in ages. But my muses, Patricia and Jackie told me to get hopping on my blog, writing, public speaking and be sure to live my dreams before it’s too late. Because 50 is only a year a way, I’ve decided to be a happening 50 year old and squeeze every precious moment of life–everyday.

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!